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Personalized Family Dentistry in Franklin, Tennessee

Dr. Anne Marie Ellis is the dentist taking new patients in Franklin, TN. The Longpoint Dental team looks forward to making each patient feel like they are part of our family. Call today to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art office.

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General Dentistry in Franklin, TN 

Finding an experienced and helpful dentist you trust is a must to keep your teeth healthy. Whether you are new to the Franklin, TN, area or are simply searching for a new general dentist that is a better fit for your family’s needs, Longpoint Dental offers a wide range of general services to help keep your teeth feeling their best!

What Is General Dentistry? 

General dentistry includes most preventative and restorative dental services that focus primarily on the health of your teeth and gums. This service helps prevent cavities, gum disease, damaged teeth, and other oral health problems, as well as treat problems that do occur. Services classified as general dentistry can sometimes help improve or maintain the appearance of your teeth as a secondary effect. Still, they are not primarily focused on the aesthetic appearance of your smile. 

What Is the Difference Between a Family Dentist and a General Dentist? 

Not every general dental practice treats children and plenty that are not as sensitive to kids’ unique needs when visiting the dentist as they could be. As a family dental practice, our team is experienced in cleaning and caring for both primary and adult teeth, as well as providing an age-appropriate experience that helps kids become more comfortable visiting the dentist and learn to prioritize healthy brushing habits. 

Why Should I Choose Longpoint Dental? 

Choosing just the right dentist for your family is an important decision. Longpoint Dental’s friendly and professional staff makes us a top choice among residents of Franklin and surrounding areas. Our wide range of preventative and restorative services means that we offer the majority of the dental treatment options every member of your family will need throughout their lives. When managing your family’s dental care, we prioritize personalizing your experience to meet your unique needs and expectations. While our primary focus is general dentistry, we also offer a selection of basic cosmetic options if you become interested in enhancing your smile in the future. 

What General Dentistry Services Does Longpoint Dental Offer? 

We offer several different routine services that meet general dental needs. Some common services we provide include: 

  • Tooth Extractions: Removing teeth that are badly damaged or do not adequately fit in your mouth.
  • Full and Partial Dentures: False teeth customized to fit in with any healthy teeth you still have. 
  • Root Canal Therapy: Treating an infection in the pulp, or soft interior, of your tooth.  
  • Tooth Colored Fillings: Removing cavities to prevent larger needs is one of our most common services.  We only used tooth colored composite fillings.  We are a metal-free office.
  • Crowns and Bridges: Teeth can need crowns or bridges for many reasons, including a breakdown of old fillings, previous root canals, and cracks in the teeth.  We place crowns that match your teeth to prolong the life of the tooth in question.

What Procedures Are Done in General Dentistry? 

General dentistry procedures encompass the routine care that most people receive to maintain the health of their teeth and mouth, as well as various treatments that can be used to manage medical problems with your teeth. These procedures differ distinctly from cosmetic dental procedures, which are used to improve the appearance of your teeth and generally do not have major health benefits. Both cosmetic and general dentistry is important for oral health, but the availability of certain cosmetic procedures can vary significantly from dentist to dentist; most general dentists provide these basic services: 

  • Evaluating your teeth and gums to determine potential problems and treatment options 
  • Taking X-rays to detect cavities and view parts of teeth that are below gums or otherwise not visible 
  • Applying sealants to help prevent cavities in indented parts of teeth that are more difficult to reach with a brush
  • Filling cavities to prevent them from becoming larger and causing pain or more severely damaged teeth
  • Applying dental crowns to protect damaged teeth 
  • Cleaning your teeth regularly to minimize plaque buildup, which helps prevent cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns

Choose Longpoint Dental For All Your General Dentistry Needs 

At Longpoint Dental, we handle all your family’s general dentistry needs in a friendly and welcoming environment. Contact us today to learn more about why we are quickly becoming a top choice among residents of the Franklin, TN, area or to schedule an appointment!