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When it comes to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful for a lifetime, a few simple steps can make a big difference. Rather than waiting for oral health issues to arise and then treating them, striving to prevent dental problems from occurring can help your teeth stay in great shape! The good news is this is easier than you might think. Before scheduling your preventative dental appointment with Dr. Ellis and the team at our Franklin dental office, here’s what you should know about how preventive dentistry could benefit you.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry refers to routine dental exams and professional cleanings to preserve your smile’s well-being. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children and adults have their teeth examined and cleaned a minimum of twice a year, depending on the health of the mouth. Along with practicing good oral health habits at home daily, preventative dental care aims to reduce your chances of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and other common dental problems. 

Most preventative dental appointments involve a dental exam and professional teeth cleaning. Here’s what you can expect during your appointment at Longpoint Dental.

  • Dr. Ellis will carefully examine your teeth, gums, and the soft tissues of your mouth to ensure no signs of disease, including oral cancer.
  • X-rays may be taken to let Dr. Ellis see what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums.
  • If Dr. Ellis identifies a dental concern, she will create a personalized treatment plan to restore the health of your smile.
  • After your exam is complete, a dental hygienist will gently clean the surface of your teeth by gently removing the plaque with a special tool.
  • Then, they’ll polish your teeth to help protect them until your next dental exam.

What is the Difference Between Preventative and Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dental treatments address oral health problems that have already developed. For instance, if you have a cavity, a tooth filling would be a restorative dental treatment to prevent the decay from spreading and causing other problems. Preventative dentistry is different than restorative dentistry in that it is done to keep dental problems at bay before they happen. Both preventive and restorative dentistry are provided by a general dentist and can help protect your smile. While it’s important to schedule routine dental check-ups every six months, it’s equally as essential to undergo restorative dental care as soon as you notice any unusual signs, such as dental pain.

What Preventative Dental Services Are Available at Longpoint Dental?

At Longpoint Dental, we’re committed to helping you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come. That’s why we’re proud to offer an array of preventative dental services, including:

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